Welcome to Brussels Flight Simulators !



Let yourself guide around the wonders of our temple dedicated to the practice of Flight Simulation.

As a fast-growing start-up company, we are located in the region of Zaventem, 10 minutes away (by car) from Brussels Airport and not so much more from Brussels city.

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Before stepping on board of our planes, a few precautions.

Don’t worry, it’s not about metal detectors, personal search or standing in line for hours.

Let’s just talk about landings, takeoffs, procedures and everything you might be interested in trying in command of our simulators.

Our operator can also provide you with ideas, something is never short of ! 😉



As our activities seduce more and more people everyday, some waiting time might be required.

While waiting for your turn to takeoff, enjoy the comfort of our Lounge Room full of aviation-focused magazines, sofas & real plane seats !

A good occasion to relax and learn a bit more about aircrafts before taking control by yourself.

=> Have a look at our home-made Boeing 737 briefing kit (PDF).



If you get thirsty, do not hesitate to address your wishes to our crew and enjoy a fresh drink at our bar (made out of a real Boeing 737 slat wing !).

Soft drinks, coffee, tea or a little taste of beer or Champagne ; we have everything you need in stock.

=> Check out our “Special Occasions” page !


Do you want to know more about aircrafts and how they fly ? Do you need a room for meetings or gatherings ?

We can provide you with our own fully-equiped Briefing Room where all sorts of activities can take place : courses, workshops, Team Building, business meetings, etc.

At your disposal :

  • HD Projector & large screen
  • Meeting table (capacity : 20 persons)
  • Free Wifi
  • Cabel-System for 20 PC’s



Ready for takeoff ?

Our first flight simulator is a Cessna 172, one of the most-popular light aircrafts in the world.

The ideal tool to have fun with a friend or family member by your side with the guidance of an operator.

Interested ? Click here to book your first session aboard our Cessna 172 !

BOEING 737-800 NG


The beating hart of the temple !

Reproducing the identical cockpit of the Boeing 737-800 NG, one of the most-used airliners in the world, our simulator is the only one in Belgium featuring such a high-rated technology and a breathtaking level of details while being accessible for both the grand public & professional pilots at affordable prices.

After a 10-15 minutes briefing inside the cockpit (clic here to read our home-made Boeing 737 briefing kit), you sit on the pilot’s seat and controls are yours with the guidance of the operator by your side.



Besides the usual pilot-copilot cockpit, the simulator features an adjacent cabin with a extra-capacity of 8 passengers for an immersive 360° experience !

Interested ? Click here to book you first flight session in our Boeing 737 ! 

Feel like making a gift to a friend ? Discover our Boarding Passes


Your tour would not be complete without trying our “Light Sim Stations”, the equivalent of small simulator kits featuring many different configurations (airlirners, fighter planes or small tourism planes).

The ideal tool to :

  • Learn more about the joys of virtual aviation
  • Explore the performances of different planes
  • Learn & practice basic procedures (takeoff, landing, level flight, go up & down, turn, etc.)
  • Fly with other participants in a multi-connected virtual network
  • Put theory into practice
  • Discover & learn complex cockpit’s “flows” (B737, 747, 777, A320, A330…)
  • Learn & practice checklists




Discover more of Brussels Flight Simulators in VIDEO !