IVAO Short Flights

From:  18,00


Besides our main simulators, the Boeing 737 and the Cessna 172, Brussels Flight Simulators provides you with a “seriously fun” challenge in control of our “Light Sim Stations” connected to IVAO for the whole Sunday.

Pick your station, choose your plane and get out there !

REQUIREMENTS (IMPORTANT) : the following skills are required to fly on the IVAO network & communicate properly with ATC (Air Traffic Control).

  • Virtual Pilots must be familiar with the controls & avionics of a Boeing 737 NG cockpit.
  • Virtual Pilots must be able to comply with basic Air Traffic Control instructions such as being instructed to turn onto a particular heading or being given a level to climb or descend to (Language used : English).
  • Virtual Pilots must be able to perform procedures such as Take-off, Approaches, Landing, Go Arounds & Taxi.
Thank you for your understanding & see you on board !


What is IVAO ? 

IVAO – which stands for “International Virtual Aviation Organisation” – was founded in 1998 to provide an online platform for flight simulation enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby in a simulated real-world environment, in company of other people, flying or providing Air Traffic Control services. Since almost two decades, the community has constantly grown up to reach hundreds of thousands of members in more than 68 countries.

IVAO provides a dedicated environment for online flying and controlling to its members. As a worldwide organisation, IVAO consists of a headquarter (HQ) and local divisions. Each division is responsable for it’s own organisation and reports to the HQ (click here for the official website). To cope with all the tasks within a division, several departments are created like those dedicated to Membership, Training, Special Operations and Events.

To encourage the interaction between its members, IVAO offers a forum both at division and international level and uses dedicated servers located throughout the world. These servers handle everything related to flying, controlling, weather and communication.