Happy 2 Fly : Overcome your fear of flying !

Price:  299,00

Welcome in our personal method dedicated to aviophobia where you can learn to control your fear on board of a Boeing 737 simulator with the guidance of a psychologist.

Language : French / Dutch

Date : Every friday of the week

Course program (check out the complete description below) :

  • Step 1 : Survey form
  • Step 2 : Talking session with a psychologist
  • Step 3 : Flight session in our Boeing 737 (with safety briefing)
  • Step 4 : Debriefing with a psychologist
  • Option : Extra-flight session in our Boeing 737
  • Option : Follow-up with a psychologist
  • Option : Short journey on board of a real aircraft

Booking :

  • simcontact@bfsim.com
  • +32 (0) 2 720 85 13

Aviophobia in a few words…

Each year, more than 30 million commercial flights circulate above our heads, carrying 3,3 billion people, each of them travelling on average 1865 kilometers (DGAC statistics, 2014).

According to a serie of independant studies (Van Gerwen, 2004 ; Bor, Eriksen & Oakes, 2009), an estimated average from 10 to 30% of people can develop a certain form of aviophobia at one point in their life.

The intensity of such fear can strongly differ, starting from a sick-feeling in the stomach that can turn into a panic attack with evident signs as palpitations, sweat and trembling.

Over time, this fear can have negative effects on both professionnal and private life of the person. In general, it is considered that 3 out of 4 persons suffering from anxious signs related to aviophobia choose not to to overcome their fear of flying.

Today, Brussels Flight Simulators, located near Brussels Airport, provides people with its professional infrastructure and Boeing 737-800 NG simulator in order for them not only to learn more about aviation but also try to overcome their fear thanks to a theoretical and practical course under the supervision of flight professionals and a psychologist.

The “Happy2Fly” method is divided into a serie of steps (more info below) and makes the most of a professional location where people from all horizons can come and test their fear on board of a Boeing 737-800 NG simulator, certainly the most-affordable of its kind in Belgium.

Clic here to watch the RTBF report about aviophobia shot on board of our Boeing 737 ! 

Book your method below & welcome on board !


Step 1 : Survey form

After your registration and payment are confirmed, you receive a list of questions to fill in before the day of your method.

It will enable our main psychologist, M. David Van Walleghem, to have a pre-understanding about your type of fear and to prepare the best way possible for your interview.

Step 2 : Talking session with a psychologist

You are invited to come to Brussels Flight Simulators‘s location (find us here) for a talking session with a psychologist specialized in aviophobia.

This individual meeting will enable you to talk more openly about your fear and ask questions regarding the course, the flight sessions and what your expectations are.

Step 3 : Boeing 737 simulator session & safety briefing

You are invited to climb on board of our Boeing 737 simulator for a 1-hour flight session with the guidance of an professional operator.

While guiding you “in the air”, he will also explain you all the aspects of aviation safety.

Step 4 : Debriefing with a psychologist

Following your flight session, one of our psychologists is at your disposal to talk and listen to your feedback about the experience you just had “on board”.

OPTIONAL : Extra-flight session in our Boeing 737 simulator

If you wish (or need) to spend more time on board of our flight simulator, extra-flight session(s) can be booked on a date and time of your choice.

A session can also coincide with a real flight for wich you would like to be fully prepared.

Price : 119€ / hour

OPTIONAL : Follow-up with a psychologist

Once your method is over, one of our pyschologists remains at your disposal for personal meetings if you wish to receive more advice or plan to take on a airplane trip in the days / weeks that follow.

If you are interested in starting a follow-up, you can contact M. David Van Walleghem via e-mail (psy.vanwalleghem@gmail.com) or mobile (+32 (0) 474 40 12 12).

Price : 59€ / Hour

OPTIONAL : Real return trip

After the theory on the ground comes the practice in the air.

You are invited to embark for a return trip in the company of our psychologist to experiment theoretical and practical notions learned on the ground and in the Boeing 737 simulator.

This flight can either be done in a civil airliner or in a smaller aircraft (ex : Cessna) depending on several factors (weather conditions, budgets, availabilities, etc.).