GIFT VOUCHER – 60 min in Command of a Cessna 172

Price:  78,00

Discover the thrill of aviation in control of a Cessna 172 simulator and takeoff for a amusing experience to share with your friends and family !

Using a multi-projector system beaming external landscapes on a 3-meter wide screen, both pilots and his copilot share the same 180° experience, by all weather conditions and travelling to as many destinations as possible. From 12 years old !

Thank you for your booking and see you soon on board !


  • 5 minutes of personalized briefing (in the cockpit)
  • Flights, airports, destinations, flight plans and weather conditions of your choice
  • Topographic cover in HD
  • Instruments of the Cessna 172
  • Realistic visual surround
  • Guidance of a professional instructor

Brussels Flight Simulators_Cessna

Brussels Flight Simulators_Cessna

Brussels Flight Simulators_Cessna