Fun Flight: Fly a Cessna 172

From:  55,00

Discover the thrill of aviation in control of a Cessna 172 simulator and takeoff for a amusing experience to share with your friends and family !

Using a multi-projector system beaming external landscapes on a 3-meter wide screen, both pilots and his copilot share the same 180° experience, by all weather conditions and travelling to as many destinations as possible. From 12 years old !

Thank you for your booking and see you soon on board !
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  • 5 minutes of personalized briefing (in the cockpit)
  • Flights, airports, destinations, flight plans and weather conditions of your choice
  • Topographic cover in HD
  • Instruments of the Cessna 172
  • Realistic visual surround
  • Guidance of a professional instructor

Brussels Flight Simulators_Cessna

Brussels Flight Simulators_Cessna

  • 40 minutes : 55€
  • 60 minutes : 78€
  • 80 minutes : 101€
  • 100 minutes : 124€
  • 120 minutes : 147€

Maximum capacity : 4 persons (two in control, two as observers outside of the cockpit)

Activity that is not generally adapted for children under the age of 12 or less than 1m40 (4,5 ft.) tall.


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Payment : 1-2 open days to wait before confirmation via bank transfert.

Brussels Flight Simulators_Cessna