Fly a Boeing 737

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Discover the thrill of aviation in control of a Boeing 737 NG simulator and take off for a unique experience to share with your friends and family !

Powered by high-rated technology and featuring incredible sensations of realism, our Boeing 737 cockpit is the first simulator in Brussels affordable for everyone.

Thanks to a multi-projector system showing landscapes on a 5-meter wide screen, both pilots and passengers share the same 360° experience, by all weather conditions and travelling to all destinations in the world. A must-see for passionates and beginners from 10-12 years old !  (More information below the page)

  • 40 minutes for 99€*
  • 60 minutes for 141€*
  • 80 minutes for 183€*
  • 100 minutes for 225€* 
  • 120 minutes for 267€*

*Price for 1 person (find our “passengers” conditions below the page)

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From Wednesday to Sunday, from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm (open until 10:00 pm on Thursday)

Firstly, select a duration here below (min. 2 blocks of 20 minutes).

Secondly, choose the total number of persons aboard the cockpit for the duration of the flight (you included )

Then, pick a date in the calendar and click on an available time spot at the bottom.

Click after this on ‘BOOK NOW‘ (the full price will appear without the discounts, which is normal for now, don’t worry).

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  • 10 to 15 minutes of personalized briefing (in the cockpit)
  • Flights, airports, flight plans and weather conditions of your choice
  • Worldwide topographic cover in HD (including more than 25.000 airports)
  • Cockpit reproducing the functionalities of the Boeing 737 NG, the most-selling civil airliner in the world
  • Adjacent cabin with a extra-capacity of 8 passengers
  • Set of flight commands in accordance with the “Dynamic Control Loading” system (force back which reproduces the aerodynamic and mechanical forces applying on the plane)
  • Hyper-realistic visual surround (5 projectors system diffusing the outside view on a 300° range for a complete immersion given to the pilots and passengers)

Brussels Flight Simulators_Boeing 737


Why choose to fly alone when the experience can be shared with friends and family ? Thanks to the large capacity of our adjacent cabin, you can select from 1 to 8 extra crew members to live this amazing activity all together. The guests may either enjoy the flight as usual passengers or take the controls of the plane !

Price per extra-passenger

  • 40 minutes : 13€
  • 60 minutes : 17€
  • 80 minutes : 21€
  • 100 minutes : 23€
  • 120 minutes : 25€

Brussels Flight Simulators_Boeing 737


Altought there is no age limit to be a passenger, be aware that the controlling of a plane – despite all the fun it can procure – remains a technical activity that is not generally adapted for children under the age of 12 or less than 1m40 (4,5 ft.) tall.

Brussels Flight Simulators_Boeing 737