You are responsible for B2C digital marketing development as well for supporting the current B2B marketing & sales strategy.

Your day-to-day tasks will include :

  • Maintenance & development of the existing tools and communication channels (social, e-mailing, website, e-commerce);
  • Enhancement of the BFSIM B2C identity;
  • Customer portfolio management;
  • Prospection;
  • Our customers’ need analysis;
  • Spotting market opportunities;
  • Sales & Marketing Tools development;
  • Building & Developing the customer relationship;

WHO ARE YOU ? (Ideally)

  • At least 3 years of experience in sales/marketing;
  • You possess at least a Bachelor in marketing management (or similar) or you have proven experience in this field;
  • You speak fluently Dutch, French and English (preferably a native Dutch-speaker with good command of French and English);
  • You are positive, autonomous and proactive;
  • Flexible;
  • You feel at ease with analytics (excel reporting, e-commerce tools, sales and marketing reporting techniques, Google Analytics,…);
  • You master Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop & the Adobe Suite (is an asset);
  • You have a « thing » for flying 😉
  • You have a B driving licence and your own vehicle;


  • Analytical Thinking: you are able to draw logical conclusions based on data and other information received;
  • Creativity: you are able to think of new and exciting ideas to appeal to our clients and to the target demographic to keep from becoming stale. From having an eye for design to coming up with amusing concepts, the ability to think outside the box is crucial;
  • Technology: Technology skills are essential for your success. From tracking the progress of a key campaign, to using analytic programs to measure the success of social media campaigns, comfort with complicated suites of varying programs is required. You’ll also likely be required to use certain systems to create marketing campaigns, depending on how digital and/or mobile your marketing will be. Comfort with technology requires continued learning, as new developments are made;


  • A great job in an amazing startup 😉
  • An informal and dynamic working place in an innovating sector;
  • Much room for your overflowing creativity and your personality (Be yourself !);
  • An attractive salary package including :
    • Competitive fixed salary + variable (% depending on results);
    • Phone plan;
    • Meal vouchers;
    • Free flight simulator hours (of course !);
    • Transport & other costs refund;


Send a mail & CV to pvw@bfsim.com