X-Plane 11 multi-monitor & Fly Elise-ng – step by step tutorial guide

A few months after finishing our marvelous amazing big 737NG simulator, sitting in a very wide screen of 5 meters wide and 8 meters long, we are now setting up a “small” C172, with an EOS hardware cockpit in the middle of a semi-cylindrical screen 3.5 meters wide. We decided to test the brand new[…]

FMC basics – Part II

Coming soon in English… Après la partie I exposant les explications de base et les éléments liés à la navigation, poursuivons avec les performances. Nous accédons maintenant à la page  PERF INIT  qui attend une série de paramètres. Nous les passerons rapidement en revue, mais chacun d’entre eux mériterait un article à lui seul ! C’est donc sans[…]

FMC basics – Part I

Intriguing mysteries around the FMC use are abundant. It is therefore the topic of this second post of the “Tutorial for Flight Simmers, Young Pilots, and Aviation Enthusiasts“. What follows is based on Boeing’s terminology and systems, more specifically on the 737NG. There are many differences with Airbus (and other aircraft manufacturers), which will be the[…]

SID & STAR: Departing well… and arriving safe!

Among all passionate simmers, many are those who question the need – and mostly the correct utilization – of SIDs and STARs. This is a great reason to start the first “Tutorial for Flight Simmers, Young Pilots, and Aviation Enthusiasts” of a series to come… Without getting into lengthy and detailed explanations on Instrument Flight[…]